We aim to expand the appreciation and awareness of the full range of Irish whiskey through the responsible and congenial enjoyment of Ireland’s signature spirit.

Our monthly tastings events are as much an exploration of whiskey as it is Irish history, heritage and culture. Irish whiskey evokes Irish wit, music, conversation and congeniality – the “craic” – and has a personal ancestral connection for the millions of people of Irish descent worldwide.

Once the world's best-selling spirit, Irish whiskey is experiencing a global resurgence -- dubbed its "Third Golden Age" -- with new brands, bottlings and masterful innovation. While we focus on Irish whiskey we appreciate and  explore other whiskeys/whiskys and fine spirits.

Membership is open to anyone 21 years of age or older who appreciates sharing and learning more about Irish whiskey in a fun and casual environment.

Formed and based in Boston area, we are affiliated with the original Irish Whiskey Society in Dublin. The IWSA is developing a framework for the formation of IWSA chapters across America, including procedures for membership, communication, tastings and other resources to ensure consistency and promote growth.

Our goals include arranging visits to IWSA meetings by Ireland’s leading whiskey producers and experts, organizing trips to Ireland to explore its rich whiskey history and Irish distilleries, and to commission our own special-issue whiskey.


Drinking whiskey is good for you! Or at least you can do good by drinking whiskey!  Help us support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society of Greater New England by taking part in our special tasting on June 22 in Dorchester, MA.

Reap the rewards of membership now! We're happy to offer an expanded choice of items included with your membership this year including engraved Glencairn glasses and glass water pitchers, our new white porcelain pitchers and Jim Murray's Whisky Bible:

Gift memberships and gift certificates also are available to help you sip with friends and family.

Gift Membership


For more information, please contact us at the Irish Whiskey Society of America.