In what seems to be a dizzying array of new Irish Whiskeys, Prizefight Irish Whiskey stands out among the truly exciting ones. My fondness for this whiskey is due in no small part to the subtle hints of rye which brings a new, and welcome, zing to an otherwise traditional blend.



The Irish Whiskey Society of America is especially grateful to our founder, Richard Nagle, without whom none of this would be possible. Richard has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Irish Whiskey (as well as many other things), and is a tremendous asset to the IWSA, and the Irish Whiskey industry as a whole. Let’s raise a dram of your favorite Irish Whiskey, and salute a true gentleman of the spirit!

Sláinte, Rich! 


As the American chapter of the original Irish Whiskey Society in Dublin, 
our goal is 
expand the 
awareness and 
appreciation of the full range of Irish 
enjoyment of Ireland’s signature spirit. 

Our enjoyment of Irish whiskey is as much an exploration of whiskey as it is of 
Irish history, 
heritage and culture. Irish whiskey evokes Irish wit, music, conversation 
(the “craic”) 
and has a personal ancestral connection
for the millions of 
of Irish descent worldwide.

Once the world's best-selling spirit, Irish whiskey is experiencing a global 
dubbed its
 "Third Golden Age," 
with new brands, bottlings
 and masterful innovation. 
we focus on 
Irish whiskey we appreciate
 and explore other whiskeys/whiskys and fine spirits.

The dramatic and ongoing expansion of distilleries across Ireland is creating a boom in new whiskey 
brands, styles and bottlings. Irish whiskey sales in the US also have increased dramatically and are 
continuing to grow. Like you, we hope more people in the US will recognize the fabulous variety and 
quality of Irish whiskey and include many more on store and pub shelves. We can each do our part 
to educate and enlighten others about the complex and flavorful uisce beatha from the Emerald Isle!

When you become a member of the Irish Whiskey Society of America, you become part of a global 
community of men and women who share their appreciation of Irish whiskey. With your help 
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Founded in the Boston area, we are affiliated with the original Irish Whiskey Society in Dublin.

Membership is open to anyone 21 years of age or older who appreciates sharing and learning 
more about Irish whiskey in a fun and casual environment.



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Irish Pub 



Congratulations to Clancy’s Irish Pub in Ellisville, Missouri, USA. This little pub can be found just West of St. Louis. It’s a rare find in a county bar…. an Irish Pub that actually lives up to its name! They offer a great collection of Irish Whiskeys far beyond the ubiquitous (and perfectly tasty) Jameson and Bushmills, including Tullamore D.E.W. standard and Phoenix, Redbreast 12 Cask Strength, Paddy, Power Gold Label, and several more. They also offer great food, great music, and a welcoming atmosphere for the whole family.
Stop by for a bite and a dram. Say hello to the proprietor, Nick Clancy, and tell him the IWSA sent you!